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Why Buy an Automatic Laminating Machine?

Automatic Laminating Machines

The laminator can be one of the most often used pieces of print finishing equipment in a busy office or print room, and for large jobs where high quantities are required with a consistent finish, many choose to purchase an automatic laminating machine. With very little setup or configuration you can have an automatic laminator working through high volumes of single or double sided laminating for posters, brochures, menus or business cards. Automatic laminating is very popular with print shops too as it gives you extra capability within the business allowing you to offer a wider range of services to your clients, while still being efficient on time.

How An Automatic Laminator Works

The process of automatic laminating can be accomplished with the use of specific automatic laminators, these automatic laminating machines that have a range of different feeding mechanisms plus cutting and slitting options that allow for a greater productivity due to freeing up more of the operators time and capacity to be doing other work. Machines such as the Matrix Pneumatic 530 can be fitted with a choice of different feeding modules either for shorter run or longer run applications depending on the workload required or the budget.

Once fed into the automatic laminator the sheet is then laminated using a range of different films depending on what kind of printing process is being used, the automatic laminating machine will then slit and cut the sheets down from an SRA3 size sheet allowing the operator to take the sheets straight onto the guillotine or any other finishing machine as appropriate for example a creasing or folding system or a cutting and slitting system or guillotine. This fully automated laminating system gives you a labour-free solution to your laminating needs.


The Matrix MX530 DP Laminator

Matrix 530 Laminator
Matrix 530 Duplex Laminator from Total PFS

If we focus on one particular automatic laminating machine which is the Matrix MX530 DP, this machine can be fitted with an automatic feeder which is designed to be easy to install, set up and operate. It can be fitted to the full range of machines and frees up operators to complete other jobs quickly and effectively. Prints can be loaded on the run for non-stop operation and is ideal for the digital commercial markets. Business cards, menus, book-covers, bespoke prints and more can be finished much faster using this automatic laminator.

As well as the laminating aspect the laminating machines can often feed prints for both lamination, foiling and spot UV effects, giving you even more flexibility in the print finishing service you are able to supply.

The automatic laminating machines become a truly automated print finishing system as once setup and running, the machine allows operators to work on other jobs with little to no supervision required. The Matrix automatic laminator is designed to make life more simple as well, rather than changing rolls of film for small runs the automatic laminating machines will cut down the films for whatever finished size you require so there is an easier to mange supply of films in one size.

If you are looking to increase your productivity, or add an additional service to your offering then an automatic laminator can be a great purchase and you can say goodbye to hand trimming, cutting and fixing mistakes and instead let one of our automatic laminating machines take care of it for you.

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