Comb binding has had its day

Comb binding has been around forever and that’s part of the problem, it just hasn’t evolved as a binding technique. In comparison to documents bound with the Planax Copy Binder 5, comb bound documents look old fashioned and unprofessional. They’re also easily damaged and prone to tearing where the documents have been punched.

Copy bound documents

The Copy Binder is also a far simpler and faster machine to use than any equivalent comb binding machine – saving you valuable time. For example, the Copy Binder can bind a document up to 330 pages long in 1 fast action, taking just 10 to 15 seconds. In comparison the same 330 page document being comb bound has to go through at least 11 to 12 punch cycles before you even get to the comb being inserted. The whole laborious process taking considerably longer than 10 to 15 seconds, in fact several minutes isn’t out of the question. Time that could be much better spent!

the Copy Binder can bind a document up to 330 pages long in one fast action, taking just 10 to 15 seconds.

Then there’s neatness and storage for you to consider. Binding combs stick out making comb bound documents harder to store neatly, and more awkward to post. And one of the biggest drawbacks of comb binding is strength or lack of it. You see plastic comb binding cannot withstand rough treatment. The plastic comb binding easily comes apart if it is placed under any form of strain. With this being made clear when you pull slightly too hard on a page in a comb bound document – the page coming away in your hand and the comb becoming compromised. Not something you ever need worry about with a Copy Binder document.

So if you’re used to time-consuming, fragile comb bound documents now’s the time to invest in Planax Copy Binder 5. You’ll be glad you did!