Renz PBS 340 Binding Machine Accessory

The Renz PBS 340 can be used on its own or with other binding machines


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The Renz PBS 340 is an accessory that goes with either the Renz DTP 340 M or Renz DTP 340 A. It can also be used as a stand alone machine and is used for plastic bindings from 5mm to 52mm.

  • Maximum Working Width: 340mm
  • Pitch: 24 Rings (US) or 28 Rings (Euro)
  • Maximum Book Thickness: 48 mm (480 sheets)
  • Maximum Binding Capacity: 300 books
  • Shape of Binding Element: Round (6mm-28mm), Oval (32mm-52mm)
  • Useable as standalone device
  • Can be connected to the DTP desk top punch due to its modular construction
  • Quality “Made in Germany”
Need some help? Call 01934 645 050