Duplo DC616 Pro Dual Action Cutter and Creaser

The Duplo DC615 Pro Dual Action Cutter and Creaser is the best in the business

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The Duplo DC616 Pro is a finishing unit that delivers a wide range of finishing processes in a single run. It uses a high level of automation and levels of network connectivity that make it a highly productive finishing tool for the professionally minded digital printer. A range of products can be delivered in a single pass, thanks to features designed to cope with the problems known to be associated with digital printing.

A powerful pump feeds an air knife to separate sheets and overcome issues of static, while a creasing rule ensures sheets do not crack after folding. An integral CCD camera will automatically read each sheet, recalling the correct programme from memory and then applying any adjustments necessary for image drift. Job setup and editing is possible from Mac or PC using the WYSIWIG programming tool.

Buying options available for the Duplo DC616 Pro Dual Action Cutter and Creaser:

  • Product Only
  • Product with Business Card Stacker
  • Cross Cutting: 25 cuts
  • Creasing: 20 creases
  • Perforating: 2 perforating wheels
  • Variable depth creasing rule
  • 320mm x 650mm maximum sheet
  • 210mm x 210mm minimum sheet
  • Integrated PC
  • CCD camera to pick up register marks an adjust for image shift
  • Air knife separation at feeder
  • Card stacker
  • Job Creator software for easy programming and adjustment
  • 80 programme storage for repeat jobs
  • Two rotary side trimmers
  • Four rotary slitting knives
  • Cross-knife cutting
  • 6 slitters

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