Stago HM6 Electric Stapler

The Stago HM6 Electric Stapler is the ideal stapler for pad or booklet stapling jobs up to 6mm thick


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The Stago HM6 Electric Stapler has a quick set up time, trouble free operation and ease of use. These features make the Stago HM6 Electric Stapler particularly attractive for Commercial and Digital Printers, In-Plants, Copy Shops, Quick Printers, National and Local Government Print Departments.

The Stago HM6 Electric Stapler are solidly manufactured with an all metal construction using the best quality raw materials, and all Stago HM6 Electric Staplers are CE certified and are apart of the Stago stapling range which has been accredited with the prestigious GS Quality Certificate.

The Stago HM6 Electric Stapler is available in the following combinations:

  • Single Head
  • Single Head with Stand
  • Double Head
  • Double Head with Stand
  • Stapling Capacity (Pad stapling): 60 sheets
  • Saddle Stapling Capacity: 40 sheets
  • Throat Depth: 220mm
  • Available in Single or Twin stapling Head versions
  • Option height adjustable stand
  • Use only Genuine Stago 24 Gauge Staples
  • Comes with a 1 year parts warranty
Need some help? Call 01934 645 050