Ideal 5560 Electric Guillotine

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Powered by hydraulics this unique design combines the best of both worlds of mechanical and hydraulic precision. With a cutting length of 550mm, adjustable pressure power clamp, foot clamp, digital measurement display with touch pad operation, photocell light beam guard safety system. Suitable for Digital Print rooms, Inplants, College and University Print Rooms and general printers.

Buying options available for the Ideal 5560 Electric Guillotine:

  • Product Only
  • Product with Side Table
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1260mm x 1560mm x 1067mm
  • Dimensions with Side Tables (HxWxD): 1260mm x 1630mm x 1067mm
  • Weight: 369 kg
  • Weight with Side Tables: 386 kg
  • Cutting Length: 550mm
  • Cutting Height: 92/95mm
  • Narrow Cut: 32/60mm
  • Table Depth: 570mm
  • Power supply (other voltages available): 230 Volt / 50 Hz / 1~ (other voltages available)
  • Motor performance (input capacity): 1,5 kW
  • Hydraulic clamp (pressure min. 200 daN, max. 1100 daN)
  • Digital display mm/inches
  • Electronic hand wheel
  • Touch pad
Need some help? Call 01934 645 050