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Planax Copy Binder 5

Total PFS are the UK’s exclusive distributor for the Copy Binder 5 manufactured by Planax, (a subsidiary of Planantol adhesives in Germany). The Planax Copy Binder 5 is a unique, compact, professional glue binder. Ideal for office, in plant, copy shop or digital print environments. The Planax Copy Binder 5 could be described as the ultimate in document binding. This unique system operates at the touch of a button and binds documents up to 330 sheets in just a few seconds!

Planax Copy Binder 5 – The Facts

The Planax Copy Binder 5 gives you a convenient and economical in-house binding solution. Combined with the Cobi Thermo Binding Strips, the Copy Binder 5 produces durable, professional looking documents that also have the added convenience of lay-flat ability for easy reading along with excellent stacking ability. Perfect for all presentation documents, business reports, manuals and training documents or anything you wish to bind perfectly.


Ideally suited to the digital print house, high street copy shop, corporate in-plant or office, the Planax Copy Binder 5 is a semi-automatic thermo-binding system that offers a ‘one touch’ bind function for the quick and professional binding of an extensive range of documents.

Copy Binder 5 Specification

  • Linen tapes (not paper) for extra strength and durability
  • Binding thickness from 5 – 330 pages
  • Binding length: DIN A4, DIN A5, 11″
  • Binding performance of up to 200 bindings/hr
  • Accessory: Cooling tray – allows the finished binding to cool
  • Exact edges for a professional image
  • Able to be laid flat for easy reading
  • Excellent stacking ability for trouble-free storage
  • High binding durability and stability
  • Facility for individual page replacement in the finished binding
  • Additional “spine taping only” function
  • Energy saving automatic standby mode
Planax Copy Binder 5 Machine

Cobi Thermo Binding Strips

  • Available in 4 colours as standard and come in 6 different widths depending on the document thickness required.
  • A4 binding strips are 297mm in length
  • 50m of binding strips per box
  • Made from linen and coated on one side with Planatol hot melt glue
  • During the binding process the glue is heated, the strips are pressed around the document spine and bound with each individual leaf edge
  • Cobi Strips adhere perfectly to the document providing a high quality, elegant appearance whilst being extremely durable

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Helpful Information

  • Warming up time for the Planax Copy Binder 5 is approximately 8 minutes
  • It is important to cool each document sufficiently after binding to ensure that the internal sheets are secure
  • The Planax Copy Binder 5 has an automatic stand-by where after one hour the machine reduces the heating temperature if not in use
  • If the machine hasn’t been used for up to 3 hours, the machine will automatically turn off
  • If for more than one hour no binding is performed, the device switches automatically to the energy saving standby mode.
  • If for more than 3 hours no binding procedure is performed, the heating is shut-down completely
  • A manual stand-by mode is also available to conserve energy when the machine is not in use
  • If bound document is left in the machine an audible sound will alert the user to remove the document

How to bind using the Planax Copy Binder 5

Switch on and allow the machine to heat to temperature.
Once ready, the clamping jaws will open and the control panel will have the LED permanently on with the “insert binding material” and “clamping jaws ready” illuminated.
Insert the sheets into the machine aligning to the right hand side of the machine. Press the start button.
Insert the Cobi Strip glue side up, the Copy Binder 5 will tell you the correct size strip for the document.
If for more than one hour no binding is performed, the device switches automatically to the energy saving standby mode.
If for more than 3 hours no binding procedure is performed, the heating is shut-down completely.
The binding process will start automatically and once completed the machine will open.
Remove the document and place on the cooling rack.