GMP Exceltopic-380 Laminator

The GMP Exceltopic-380 Semi-Automatic Sleeking Laminator is easy to use and makes a perfect cost effective solution for laminating, foiling and spot-varnishing






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The Exceltopic-380 is the latest machine in GMP solutions. It’s the first entry-level lamination machine that provides Sleeking for foiling and spot UV finishes. The semi-automatic desktop laminator is ideal for short-run on demand lamination. The compact Exceltopic Sleeking machine is designed to run with lower operation machine noise ideal for smaller businesses. At a lower cost in comparison to other Sleeking models it provides a solution to making your digital prints creative on-demand.


  • Equipped electric cam – Automatic paper gap  controller
  • Super Polished Metal Roller – ideal for gloss lamination
  • Hot Roller to avoid silvering (microbubble)
  • Sensor in the metal roller for fast & precise temp. control
  • Equipped special decurler  for no damage on the both side prints
  • Top & In-line perforator – Perfect bursting results
  • Rewind unit


  • Posters
  • Menus
  • Certifications
  • Customised Variable data
  • Bookcovers
  • Photographs, photo albums
  • Business cards

The Exceltopic-380 comes with embossing roller options:

Emboss print UK GMP uk

Model Name: EXCELTOPIC-380

Dimension (W x L x H, mm): 700*630*560mm

Lamination Speed (m/min): 1.5m/min ~ 8m/min

Paper Size (WxL, mm): Max. 380*500mm  Min. 180*210mm

Laminating Films – Single Side: 

  • – POLYNEX (20~43mic)
  • – PERFEX (25mic)
  • – NYLONEX (27~44mic)
  • ^MICRONEX (6~10mic) : Gloss, Matt, Hologram

Sleeking: Gloss,  Matt, Hologram,  Metallic

Substrate Thickness: 120~350g/㎡

Front Roller Diameter

Top: high glossy chrome ∅80

Bottom: silicon ∅80

Rear Roller Diameter

silicon ∅40

Power Requirement: AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz, 12A

Power Consumption: 2.8kw

Warm-up  Time: 5 min.

Heating System: Infrared Heater

Laminating Temp: MAX.150℃

Temp. Control: Jog Dial

Speed Control: Jog Dial

Display: LCD Panel

Roller Pressure: Manual

Film Core: 77mm (3”)

Temp. Sensing: Thermo-couple  inserted in the roller shell

Special features:

exceltopic 380 features sleeking uk
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